Official Announcement: Johnny Music Grand Opening

This is the first official Johnny Music emailout-announcement: has officially launched today along with our operations on the Reverb e-commerce platform; please take a moment to examine this new beginning, and share with friends and family... be patient no doubt as we work out the bugs and kinks... AND please check out the first official Johnny Music video, right below, and get a better idea of what we mean by music business!

My apologies for the failure of launching the Johnny Music e-commerce function on the Reverb platform, as I've spent the last 48 hours continuously (except for a couple of meal breaks including making a Cantonese-styled medicinal chicken-herbal soup to help stave-off the negative effects of constant adderal stimulus); the inventory in the Johnny Music Reverb is updated through my retail-inventory management systems software called AIM v.12, which utterly failed to update the proper sale prices of merchandise, listing much of my uploaded inventory at $0.00(!)... I speaking with the software tech at Tri-Technical systems unfortunately yielded no immediate solutions to the problem, and thus the launch of the Johnny Music e-commerce operation will be delayed until next Monday at the earliest... in the mean time, do go to the Johnny Music website, and use the email-form in the homepage to send over any thoughts and suggestions! TYVM for your understanding and patience. Johnny, 7/15/2022, 4:25PM

JM Logo

A word from Johnny "Bobby" Chan

I know this is probably the worse time to try and start a small business with so much uncertainty and unpredictability going on, the record-high inflation and the low consumer confidence, and delving into this endeavor may be akin to diving into shark-infested waters, inundated with adversarial mines and probably even plenty of friendly-fire to boot; I will be the first to say, that I may be the last to believe in the "rosy pictures" that mainstream media try parrot for their political regiments, yet NEVERTHELESS, as you can see here, I'm am fully committed, and invested into this, and the only way is forward. I cannot compete with capital; only passion and some "smarts"... feeling and understanding of what the "others", including the big dogs, are doing, while realizing that the old boss, Mr. Johnny Thompson, only fought half the war at best in this business. Having ownership of the brick n'mortar fortress of JTM in the heart of Montery Park, there apparently wasn't a need for JT to slug it out in a realm in which the big dogs, and the newer small dogs are comfortable fighting in... maybe that's what Fry's thought with their massive fortresses; they felt "safe"(?)... "build it and they will come?" I should add that Mr. Johnny Thompson was in fact getting into the online business, albeit his "Underground Musician" t-shirt and hoodie designs... and the JTM employees and myself had the website and merchandise all prepared and ready to go into the online marketplace, waiting only for JT's decision on which online payment processor to choose... that was in in late-July of 2021, when he suddenly became ill... we waited, I was really encouraged by his agreement with the idea I presented to him; that we can sell his overstock of Fake Books and Real Books along with the "Underground Musician" goods... and I was encouraged by the "good news" that he was recovering. But that wasn't the case, and JT never returned.

It was well-after the passing of JT, in fact well after the beginning of the JTM going-out-of-business sale that started in early-September of 2021, in October, after constant 10-12-hour workdays/ 7-day work weeks with the deluge of shoppers and endless supply of merchandise and equipment from every depth, loft, and chasm of JT's properties; I too decided to get-in on the g.o.o.b. grab of JTM treasures, and even at this time, there were still quite a lot of good stuff left, and as JT's main string-rental department instrument setup guy, which he had me committ to, other than being the JTM webmaster, I of course was able to hand-pick a whole-lotta "most-desirables" when it came to the strings department, sans upright basses. I would mention to everyone here, that Johnny Music's primary arsenal right now, is in fact the violin and viola inventory, and somewhat to a lesser-extent, cellos... despite the Grand Opening today, you won't see them online; that's because I simply didn't have the time to get them prepared, among about 1,000 other small merchandise items... even for less-than-ideal photography... but the Grand Opening today is an urgent calling, to at least get a foot in the door... already more than 1/2-way into 2022, already about 1/2-way thru this summer break, already more than 1/2-way thru life... ...With the video presented here in this email announcement, one may think that I'm a brasswind/woodwinds guy... well, that's certainly an impression I've intended to make... kinda like a peacock spreading out all of its colorful feathers... but a serious impression.

Anyways, here I've gone again with the verbosity, and to be up for 24 hours at a time to accomplish the myriad of tasks required of a business startup has really made me appreciate and look up to all the hard working and smart people who do stuff like this as a normal course of their lives; for me, the light of a new-normal that I now see at the other end of the tunnel. This has been over 7 months in the making, and what you see through the links connected here in this first-official Johnny Music email-announcement is currently only a very small glimmer of what is in fact the true scope of the existing inventory inventory, as I've mentioned above, and will send out more-professional oriented emails as this aspect of Johnny Music builds... but most importantly, the myriad of ways that all this stuff can be made better simply by neglecting them less, arranging more efficient means of post-rental preparations, and made more-accessible and attractive in the pre-rental arrangements; these are mere parts of the operations that the greater whole of the establishment incorporate to make our services unique and worthwhile, and with addition of smart-inventorying, competitive in our sales operations.

With all hat being said, I'd like to add one final word in this email-announcement: if anyone that reads this email has experience/is skilled with brasswind, woodwind, acoustic & electric guitar/bass work, or just doing business in general, please send me an email and I'll list you as a potential instrument repairs technician, some kind of managerial position, among other opportunities at Johnny Music, hopefully beginning in the very-near future.

TYVM & have a great summertime! Johnny C.